Awesome Tips For A DIY Move


Moving along is a stressful task and doing it yourself can get more challenging. A DIY move can help you save more money that you will be able to use in your new home. Most people would hire moving companies on the spot however, planning the move by yourself can leave you satisfied.

Here are some awesome tips if ever you decide to do a DIY move:

packPack essentials in one bag. You would probably not finish unpacking everything once you arrived at your new home. To be more convenient for you, you can pack essentials in one bag so that you can access it freely. Essentials such as clothes and toiletries need to be packed for you to be ready to return to work the next day.

Use a clear plastic bin. You can use a clear plastic bin to pack things that you will need to unpack first such as eating utensils. This will make it easier for you to see through the items and not get lost in the sea of boxes.

Label like a pro. Label your boxes in detail because this will really help you save time in unpacking. You can label which room the items should be in and be specific about what’s inside the box. For instance, if the box is labeled “kitchen”, you can put the name of the items such as, frying pan, utensils and so on.

Don’t unpack drawers. Drawers can hold your items and can save your energy from unpacking your clothes. Just seal the drawers to prevent them from opening during the whole move.

pack2Stretch wrap all the way. This plastic wrap can help you group your small boxes and even protect your delicate items from unwanted scratches.

Skip bubble wrap. Even though it’s ton of fun to pop bubble wrap, it can just add upĀ  to your list of expenses. To save money, you can use your clothes or towels to wrap breakable items.

Take a photo of electronic set up. Wires can be confusing if you don’t know how to set them up. Take a picture so you would know where the wires would go.

Use all your luggage. You can skip boxes by using your suitcases, baskets and other luggage to pack your belongings.

pack3Give or sell what you don’t need. It will be quite troublesome to carry everything especially bulky furniture. You can try to donate or even sell them for some extra cash.

Start early. Pack your belongings ahead of time and not just days before your move. If you gave more time in packing your stuff, you would be able to do in a more organized manner.

Make a master list. To keep track of all your items, you need to create a master list. You can even number your boxes to avoid losing them.

Sandwich bags for small items. Small items such as screws can get lost easily. Use a sandwich bag to pack these small items. You can even pack your cords in the same way.

Want more DIY moving hacks? Check the video below: