A Friendly Guide To Self-Storage


Do you ever find yourself struggling to fit in all your possessions in your small space? The most convenient solution would be for you to rent a self-storage unit. Self-storage units are the best place to keep all those precious junk you’ve been holding on for years.

Let’s dig deeper and know more about self-storage units.

What is self-storage?

Self-storage is an efficient way for you to store your belongings in a rented space. Units comes in different sizes which you can conveniently choose according to what items you need to store. It can serve as an extension of your home, office or any space that you need to declutter. Storage facilities rent storage units to the public along with an affordable monthly fee.

How do I pick the right storage unit size?

To determine what’s the correct size you need to go for, make a list of all the items that you need to be stored. This will also help you make sure that you only pay for the space that you need.

Here’s a great video to help you decide what size you need:

What are the various amenities available?

Storage units can have some special amenities that you could choose from based on what you need. Here are the most common amenities that are available:

  • Climate control – this can help you keep your items safe from extreme conditions or temperatures. This is beneficial for delicate items such as important documents, antiques, leather furniture or electronics.
  • Drive-up access – this option allows you to pull your vehicle directly up to the storage unit’s door. This is necessary for vehicle storage and if you don’t want to carry heavy items along the way.
  • 24-hour access – this gives you freedom to access your storage unit even if the facility is closed.
  • Onsite manager – this is basically the person who manages the facility’s office and will be present on the premises at all times. He or she can provide more security to your units.
  • Video surveillance – the facility will have some working cameras that will monitor the safety of your unit.


What is the minimum months required to rent?

Renting a storage is on a monthly basis so, there’s no minimum requirement. Most facilities though offer some special promotions with minimum requirements of usually 2 or 3 months to redeem the discount.


Why should I use self-storage?

There are a lot of possible reasons why you would need to rent out a self-storage unit. Too much clutter in your home? Or do you need to clear out your guest room? Or are you looking for a business space? The possibilities are endless.


How do I find the perfect self-storage unit?

You can easily find local self-storage units by searching through phone books, asking friends and scouring the web. Make sure to visit the facility in person though to really check the condition of the unit and the convenience of its location.